Wednesday, December 28, 2005


The following are post related to my life in Fiji

If ever my workmates read this blog read this

My Christmas Holiday Experience

Work Christmas Party

Two stories from my parents the first concerning burying a babies umbilical cord and the second is in relation to my Fijian Grandmother

Home alone

My 200th post which was on Perception is Reality

My computer gaming experience

Pacific Sports ramblings

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Blog Posts

My first week of blog posting

Steps I am going to try in traffic to this blog

Blogging new years day

How to Limit the number of posts in a blog

Mannually adding a URL in five easy steps

My first unique Visitors

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Political Ramblings & Posts

The following is political ramblings and posts.

Before and after the Palestinian Parliamentary Election

A positive poll on the iraq Situation

Seventeen crazy quotes from 2005

My take on the race riots in cronulla

Disturbing report on hacking tests on Diebold voting machines

Hardtalk interviews with Chris Patton, Lord Owen and concerning Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito

My take on condeeleza Rice

Is the HBO show The Wire a reflection of the decay of US Society

In the Beginning

First posts that should be read before reading the blog

I have a dream and that dream is to be able to live on my beach and surf the internet every day. This blog is hopefully the first step in fulfiling that dream

Why I called the blog Really and why the URL is baleta

Grammar on the blog Really

Religous Based Posts

Funny how I am really not sure about this posts

Why are people saying Happy Holiday now when before it used to be Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Link to the new Da Vinci Code Movie Trailer and some of my take on the Da Vinci Code

Comments on pope and gay preachers

My take on the Intelligent Design debate

Technology Posts

The following are my favourite posts on Technology related issues

My top ten web moments

how pay per click is destroying publishing

A take on the comparisons of Slashdot vs Digg websites

A confirmation article on Top 10 System Adminsitrator Truths

Ipods overtaking mobile phones as christmas gifts

How to download books using limwire

Sports Related Posts

Sports posts are generally ramblings of what are the main issue at a particular poitn in time

Why am I sports mad

The 2006 NFL Mock Draft

Info on Tatupu progress in the NFL and why he should be Defensive Rookie of the year and then Rookie of the year . There is also a post on about Pacific Islanders in NFL

Eddie Guerrero tribute

Discussion about Australian Soccers chances in World cup and Gambling experience

Discussion on Vince Young performance in the Rose Bowl and why Vince Young should be the first round draft choice

Isiah Thomas threatens Bill Simmons

Comment on Duante Caulpepper charges and other sports issues

Article on Lofa Tatupu Nationality

Ron Artest leaving the indiana pacers

Discussion on a NAACP official dissing Donavan Mcnabb

Commentson fiji rugby sevens and Pivac

Details concerning Shortest NBA player

First sports Ramblings at Really

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Issues to address with this blog

Few things issues Iwill have to sort out with this blog
1. List of top posts for each blog which is then included in one post
2. Work out what it the best frequency of posts
3. If this was digger you could easily use diggs to identify top posts, but how will I do that in a blog.
4. Split the top posts by type eg Pacific, sports, politics, technology etc.

First Post

This blog is going to a cummullation of the top 10 posts from Really and Set

The main reason for creating this blog was because a blog is very dynamic and has a continues stream of posts. So good posts can get lost in the forest. So I am trying to think of a good way for new readers to get a good understanding of the blog and give you a reason to come back:)
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